Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Sacrament Prayers

I have been pondering topics to write about on this blog and one came to mind a few weeks ago. I didn't do any writing. Today, I find a post that relates nearly the exact story I had wanted to relate with so much more power and poetic grace than I could have ever conjured; I am grateful I waited. In you haven't read Ninety One Words by Wilfried Decoo, you need to.

I knew another young man similarly afflicted. He was all a young man could hope to be in physical appearance. He was handsome and strong with wavy blonde hair and a powerful jaw. Yet he too was a stutterer. In a singles ward where I heard him bless the sacrament, I never remember feeling more keenly the power of each word in the prayer. Every one in the congregation prayed for him as he struggled to offer a prayer for all of us. I think that this is one of the places where I learned to understand the power in humility. It is so easy to want and pray for the success of the humble. It is much harder to feel so inclined toward the proud. I'm grateful for the humble people in my life that have helped me be a better man.


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