Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Foreknowledge of Man

Had Adam and Eve known the way their hearts would be tugged and torn, could they have ever partaken of the fruit? It appears that they had many children before they had Cain, Abel, and Seth. Those earlier children were all apparently raised without the gospel. They became pretty wicked. For a parent, who learns later how they might have done better in raising their children, it must be painful to watch as your offspring go their own way, ignoring your newfound wisdom.

Can you imagine the mental and emotional anguish that Eve and Adam must have gone through when Cain killed Abel? I'm sure that I cannot. How can a parent deal with such brutal information?

Satan tempted Adam and Eve into the Fall, not understanding the mind of God on the matter. So much for his foreknowledge. Suppose he had had just a bit more foreknowledge and persuasive power. Suppose that he told them about the things that were going to transpire with their children, including the homicide. Suppose he was able to help them understand what pain that was going to entail for them. Would they have foregone the fruit?

What parent, with perfect foreknowledge, would ever dare bring a child into the world? If Eve had known what Cain would become, how would she have treated him as an infant or a toddler in those precious moments when he was smiling up at her or giggling wildly as she tickled him?

I am so grateful that God has not given me foreknowledge in the matters pertaining to my own family. It leaves a "space for joy" in my daily interactions with my family. That phrase, "a space for joy," I'm borrowing from the excellent play, Polly: A One Woman Musical by Stephen Kapp Perry and performed by his wife Johanne Frechette Perry. Perhaps I'll write a fuller review of the DVD sometime. Until I do, just go buy it and watch it. It's worth it.


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