Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fall of the Two Towers: DT is Going Down

I lived in V hall of Deseret Towers while I was a Freshman at BYU. I recently walked past the heap of rubble that remains of the building and watched giant machines picking apart the remains. If you have sentimental attachment to either V or W hall, both of which are now gone, you can watch some time lapse images of one of the towers going down.

Apparently, they had asked to implode the buildings but weren't able to get permission from the powers that be. So instead it was torn down chunk by chunk. According to BYU Magazine, the other five buildings will be closed this summer.


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  • Wow. That's the passing of an era. When we were in Provo this summer, we were amazed to see the blank patch of dirt where V and W halls used to stand -- but *all* of them?? [Sniff.] It's almost too much to take. Oh, the memories... ;-)

    By Blogger Taylor, at 10/01/2007 1:58 PM  

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