Sunday, March 20, 2011

How Comes the Millennium?

I have been wondering what it will be like to live during the Millennium, that period of 1000 years when the earth will be free of death and pain and war. When the earth will be renewed and the Savior will reign as king.

Perhaps that world will become that way in a flash of fire at the Lord's Second Coming. Perhaps.

But I wonder if the change might be more gradual. We know that Satan will be bound. Will he be bound because Jesus will restrain him, or will he be bound because there are none left who will hearken to him?

Will death be conquered because our bodies will be different, or will it be chased away because any who are sick will ask for a blessing and will be immediately healed of any pain and affliction?

I wonder if we must do more to ring in the millennial day. Do we do ourselves a disservice by patiently waiting for someone else to usher it in?


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