Saturday, July 03, 2004

Jesse Jackson with John Kerry

Mr Jackson, in his introduction for John Kerry in this campaign appearance, perpetuates the apparent misconception that somehow millions of black voters (or any voters) were disenfranchised in the 2000 presidential election.

Why is it that people like Mr Jackson cannot see that a vote must be cast according to the correct procedure to be valid? If there isn't a definition of a vote, there can be no such thing as a fair election. I could sit at home and WISH that a certain candidate might win. That doesn't count as a vote, no matter what the intention. Nothing short of an actual vote can count. In Florida, an actual vote was to punch a hole in a piece of paper. Nothing short of punching that hole can count as a vote, no matter what the intention an any person! It is that simple. Nothing else would be fair.

Now, if there was illegal activity in removing names from the voting rolls, I think that is wrong. If there were honest errors made, that is hardly the conspiracy perpetually trumpeted by the partisan Democrats. If there is other information that I ought to be aware of, please let me know. Otherwise, the Democrats need to get off this issue. It makes them appear dishonest.


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