Sunday, June 26, 2005

I Want to Be Like Donna

Melissa at T&S had a wonderful post that reminded me and urged me to be a better person. She told the story of a stranger named Donna who helped her during a medical emergency when she had no one else to call. I'm most impressed with Donna knowing that she had children she had to neglect for a few hours to help Melissa in her need. It is very easy to rationalize our way out of service when we can think of other things we could (and should) be doing. Everything in its proper time. And sometimes the proper time is now--even if it is not convenient.

Also notable was the tenth comment on the thread by Travis Anderson. He said,
"That is perhaps the aspect of missionary work I missed most acutely when I returned home; that nametag, white shirt and tie–at least among members–established a relationship in which people weren’t afraid or hesitant to ask for your help, trust you with confidences, allow you to make sacrifices on their behalf, or to just be friendly. And that unspoken invitation to be helpful and worth something dissipated almost completely upon returning home–especially in the church, where I now occupied a kind of no-man’s land between having a legitimate place in the youth programs of the church and being married with children."


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