Thursday, November 10, 2005

Scripture Power

Next year's Primary theme is about scriptures--the song "Scripture Power" is even in the 2006 Primary Program. I was thinking about scriptures and Primary in a stake Primary meeting on Sunday. The subject of the meeting was broader, and we had moved on to other subjects, but I found myself evaluating the way I use the scriptures in my teaching. I wasn't really happy with what I found.

I remember in CTR B or Valiant A or some such that my teacher made a big deal of bringing our scriptures. She even made a chart and we put a sticker on it every time we brought them to class. I remember that Nathan Stastney and I tied for the most scriptures, and Sister Barney took both of us to the movies (101 Dalmations) and for ice cream after (Swenson's in the mall). And ever since then (until recently!) I have taken my scriptures to church and even tried to use them there.

I have totally slacked off. I bet I haven't taken my scriptures to church since July. How scandalous! I have reasoned that I can't look up scriptures during sacrament meeting, because of grasping little fingers. I don't use them during the second and third hours of church because I'm usually in and out of classrooms or nursery--unless I'm doing sharing time. And even then when I need kids to read scriptures during sharing time, I print out the needed scriptures and give the pieces of paper to the children. Even when I was teaching Sunday School with Brad, I would print out the lesson's scriptures, because I didn't expect the students to bring their scriptures.

What's wrong with this? Well, nothing, in that it isn't a sin exactly. But I have decided that it is a lost opportunity for me, my kids, and the Primary children. I think that it is important to actually open your scriptures, find the verses, mark them if you want, and follow along (as much as little kids can). There seem to be a lot of benefits:
1. You start making it a habit to take your scriptures to church
2. You learn where things are in the scriptures
3. You get used to finding things quickly
4. You mark scriptures for future readings
5. You actually USE your scriptures instead of just carrying them around

I brought all this up in my Primary presidency meeting on Wednesday, and we talked about it. We are going to encourage our classes to bring their scriptures. And, to set the right example, we are going to start bringing and using our own!


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