Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I've been considering the controversy over whether the Berg beheading video should be shown. For me the answer is a clear no. I've maintained that I have a pretty good idea about the video in spite of having never watched it. A guest on 'The Abrams Report' for May 17 made the point very well.

    "PATRICK: No, I'm sorry Dan. Let me make a more serious point. Would we allow a teacher to come in and show a woman being raped? I mean we could make this same argument. ...there are brutal things that happen in everyday life and if we as a society are going to show it in the classrooms, before we do it, we better have a serious discussion with the schools and the parents. I think at the end of the day, we will decide, we can teach our children the horrors of life without exposing them to the horrors of life. "

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