Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Mary to Hyrum in Liberty

Hyrum Smith, confined to Liberty jail, began to wonder whether his wife has abandoned him. Apparently, he hadn't heard from her in quite some time. Melanie Hinton recounts the episode and Mary's response in a church podcast. (Around 31 minutes in.)

The letter that Mary wrote on April 11, 1839, didn't reach him while in the jail. She addressed his concern head on. Don't you wish people still wrote so beautifully today?

"I cannot bear the thought of you having any such suspicion. Surely you had not. If so, you are yet unacquainted with the principles of my heart. What? Should I forsake a friend and a bosom friend in the time of adversity and affliction? When all the sympathy and affection I am capable of feeling is called for to soothe and comfort as far as possible under such circumstances as you are placed in? No. Reason, religion, and honor and every feeling of my heart forbid such a thought to enter there."

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