Sunday, November 25, 2018

Unity, Diversity

In elders quorum today, we used the talk by Ulisses Soares, "One in Christ" as the launching point for our discussion. The conversation quickly turned to a discussion about diversity and how diversity makes us strong. Oddly, it seems we talked more about the benefits and value of diversity than we did about unity. I look forward to a future conversation where we can probe unity more deeply. 

When I think of unity, I think of that bodily unity that is part of conjugal marriage. In this case, two bodies come together, different, but acting as a single organism for a unified purpose to create life. This illustrates that unity isn't "sameness." A man doesn't have to become a woman to become "one" with her.

Elder Soares' example was of two rivers joining to form the Amazon river. In this case, each river had to lose something of its former essence to become part of something new. Is there something of this meaning when we speak of unity within the church? Is there something we need to leave behind if we're going to become "one in Christ?"

My son is partially paralyzed. He can't feel his feet very well. He needs to wear shoes anytime he leaves a clean, indoor floor. He can't swim without water socks. He shouldn't wander around in the yard barefoot. It is too easy for him to do serious damage to his feet without even realizing it.

Part of being in the body of Christ is to feel pain as a body when one part of the body is injured. If I'm to comfort those who stand is need of comfort, I probably ought to first be aware that they are hurting. If I am the one inflicting the pain, all the more important that I'm unified with them so that I can sense their discomfort and desist!

For the Saints to be one, we need to love each other in an pure way that usually escapes me. I should do better.

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