Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Great Physician

Christ is the Great Physician. I've been reminded of this in my recent dealings with wonderful doctors who have helped my little boy. These doctors are able to assist in ways that I cannot, no matter how well intentioned I may be. In like manner, there are ways that the Savior will be able to help my boy that I cannot, as much as I want to. There are at least three traits that a modern day physician has that make him a good symbol for the Savior.
  • Knowledge to act. A doctor has training that far exceeds my own. I've tried to become knowledgeable about my son's medical condition so that I can speak intelligently to the doctors, but they still far surpass me in skill and experience. If I were to invest the years of training under the tutelage of wise mentors, I too could become as knowledgeable as the doctors are, but for now I must rely on their help.
  • Power to act. Even armed with knowledge, a doctor without a hospital can only do so much. MRI scanners, defibrillators, IV needles, sterile supplies. These are the things that act as a force multiplier for the physicians knowledge. Because a physician works within a larger framework, they have power to act that is beyond the power available to any single individual. How effective could a doctor be without a dedicated team of competent nurses?
  • Empathy. Knowledge and power are useful only because a doctor has a desire to help. They generally practice because they want to lift up the aching and the weary.
The truly rewarding exercise has been to apply the points above to the Savior. As I did so, I encountered a few unexpected thoughts--particularly around point 2. I'd prefer to leave this as an opportunity for you to ponder it. There may be other points of parallel that can be drawn as well, and I welcome your insights.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Doubt, Testimony, Prophets

Keryn and I were both impressed with a statement from Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Seventy in a CES fireside this evening.
In this trying time, I told him he might want to yield to his doubts a little less, and trust the words of the Savior, and the Savior's chosen vessels a little more.
It ought to be obvious, but I guess it isn't always so, that the most important times for faith are the times when having faith seems so hard. Thanks to Elder Andersen for a reminder. If you'd like to watch the one minute video clip of Elder Andersen telling the story that surrounds the quote, you can click the link above, though BYU-TV only promises it will work for 7 days.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Fasting After Tragedy

A few days ago, my wife mentioned a tragic news story to me. Five young people, driving in the snow, crashed in a pond. All five of them died. I did what I imagine most people did upon hearing the story. I paused for a brief moment of sadness, asked a few questions, and then pushed it out of my mind.

A day later, I got an email from my mother, telling me that three of the kids were grandchildren of a friend of mine. Of course, the victims of this tragedy were all still strangers to me, but it all meant more to me all of the sudden.

The monthly fast is a good opportunity for me to focus my spiritual efforts. Tonight I'll be praying especially for the families that are hurting today. I know there are a lot more people hurting than I know or know about. God in His mercy doesn't burden us with too much knowledge. I've been blessed beyond measure and am so grateful for Jesus Christ.

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