Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Quorum Presidency Meeting Role-Play

I'm the deacons quorum adviser. Our quorum presidency (the boys who lead the quorum) was asked by the stake Young Men's President to help out with a presentation in a stake priesthood leadership meeting by doing a short role-play of a quorum presidency meeting.

We've known about this assignment for a couple of weeks. We had a campout last night and we spent some of our time around the campfire practicing our presentation. We watched a church video of a sample quorum presidency meeting. We went through the session twice by the fire.

This morning, in the car on the way back from the campout, the three members of the quorum presidency that were in the car with me practiced their presentation again. We arrived at the church a few minutes before the meeting and had one more practice.

The role play in the meeting when well. Afterward, the facilitator of the session asked the 13-year-old quorum president something like, "How do you think your advisers have helped you to prepare to run a meeting like this?"

"Well," he answered, "you just see what the boys in the presidency before you did and you just sort of figure it out."

So much of the coaching we do as adult leaders has, apparently, minimal impact on the boys compared to the example of their own peers.

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